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A Word on Advance Directives

This might be a good time to review your health care instructions, or advance directives, as they are sometimes called. With the use (and shortage) of ventilators becoming prevalent for those who develop severe respiratory complications of COVID-19, have you discussed with your physician, and your loved ones, what your wishes would be in the event you were to become unable to communicate them? If you are elderly, or suffer from other conditions that might make recovery from coronavirus more precarious, you may or may not want a respirator or ventilator.

Have you named someone to make health care decisions if you become unable to do so? A statutory form of health care directive is appended. Note that this contains a living will, appointment of health care representative (and alternate), and appointment of a conservator of your person should one be needed. Also note that the living will only goes into effect if you are terminally ill, permanently unconscious, or have irreversible brain damage.

Note that by Executive Order, the Governor of Connecticut has suspended the need for witnesses during this coronavirus crisis. However, your signature should be notarized.

view PDF SAMPLE of Health Care Directive form.




Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance with your Advance Directives.